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1300 Division of Industrial Affairs
1340 The Office of Workers’ Compensation

1341 Workers’ Compensation Regulations

5.0 Utilization Review

  5.1 Pursuant to chapter 101, title 29 of the Delaware Code, the Department of Labor has developed a utilization review program with the intent of providing reference for employers, insurance carriers, and health care providers for evaluation of health care and charges. The intended purpose of utilization review services is to provide prompt resolution of issues related to treatment and/or compliance with the health care payment system or practice guidelines for those claims which have been acknowledged to be compensable, without the employer or its insurance carrier obtaining legal representation, or incurring the costs associated with legal involvement in the utilization review process.
  5.2 An employer or insurance carrier may engage in utilization review to evaluate the quality, reasonableness and/or necessity of proposed or provided health care services for acknowledged compensable claims. Any person conducting a utilization review program for workers’ compensation shall be required to contract with the Office of Workers’ Compensation once every two (2) years and certify compliance with Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management Standards or Health Utilization Management Standards of Utilization Review Accreditation Council (“URAC”) sufficient to achieve URAC accreditation or submit evidence of accreditation by URAC.
  5.3 At this time, Utilization Review is limited to health care recommendations subject to practice guidelines developed by the HCAP.
  5.4 An employer or insurance carrier may request utilization review by complying with all the terms and conditions set forth on the forms attached hereto. Upon completion and submission of the forms, information package and medical records package by the employer or insurance carrier, the designated utilization review company will review treatment to determine if it is in compliance with the practice guidelines developed by the Health Care Advisory Panel and adopted and implemented by the Department of Labor. (See Appendix A)
    5.4.1 The utilization review company shall be randomly selected by the Department of Labor. The utilization review company first assigned to the case will remain with that case throughout its duration. The Department of Labor will collect all documentation required to be submitted pursuant to the utilization review process and send such documentation for review to the utilization review company.
    5.4.2 If the claim is denied by an employer or insurance carrier for non-compliance with any applicable Practice Guideline, only the first bill for such treatment, and not all subsequent bills for the same service, need be denied and referred to utilization review.
    5.4.3 In the instance of a compensable claim where the treatment is outside the applicable Practice Guideline for which the health care provider requests pre-authorization but the employer/carrier advises that it does not pre-authorize treatment, such response should be interpreted as tantamount to a denial of such treatment so that the claimant may file a Petition with the IAB to determine whether the treatment is compensable.
    5.4.4 In the instance of a compensable claim in which open surgery is recommended by the health care provider and stated by him/her to be within the applicable Practice Guideline, the following procedure may be followed by the operating surgeon to facilitate resolution of payment for such treatment: The operating surgeon must specify the particular surgery to be performed and must certify in writing that: (a) the surgery is causally related to the work accident, and (b) the surgery is within the Practice Guideline, with specific reference to the Practice Guideline provision relied upon. The information set forth above must be set forth by the operating surgeon in a separate written report, not through a copy of office notes and/or records. The employer/carrier must within 30 days from receipt of the above either accept/pre-authorize or deny such treatment. If the treatment is denied as non-compliant with the Practice Guidelines, it must be referred to Utilization Review within 15 days of date of denial in accordance with §2322F(h)(j). If the treatment is denied as not causally related to the compensable work accident, the claimant may file a Petition with the Industrial Accident Board to determine whether the treatment is compensable. If the employer/ carrier neither accepts/pre-authorizes nor denies the treatment within the 30-day period referenced above, then the treatment will be deemed compensable if performed.
    5.4.5 All past, prospective and concurrent health care decisions must be reviewed and a Utilization Review determination made no later than three (3) working days from receipt of the aforementioned information by the company performing the review, for emergency care, but no later than 15 calendar days from receipt of the aforementioned information by the company performing the review.
  5.5 If a party disagrees with the findings following utilization review, a petition may be filed with the Industrial Accident Board for de novo review. The decision of the utilization review company shall be forwarded by the Department of Labor, by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, to the claimant, the claimant’s attorney of record, the health care provider in question, and the employer or its insurance carrier.
  5.6 If there are no current practice guidelines applicable to the health care provided, a party may file a petition with the Industrial Accident Board seeking a determination of the appropriateness of treatment.


Appendix A



(Pursuant to 19 Del.C. §2322 F(j))

Download the REQUEST FOR UTILIZATION REVIEW form and instructions.

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